About Lisa Graham-Peterson

Take advantage of my storytelling skills to help you connect with impact

In his book, “Made to Stick,” Chip Heath writes how 63% of those tested in his Stanford study recalled stories versus just 5% who could remember just a single fact. This means stories motivate.

Stories are power – whether read, heard or experienced. The best stories use authentic voice to connect with influence and impact. I guide individuals and organizations to use stories to reach people and deliver results.

Through research-based strategies and award-winning content, I’ve launched brands and led publications. I’ve driven change communication for more than 100 initiatives to buy, sell or shed businesses. My crisis communication counsel has covered everything from natural disasters to employee fraud to social media firestorms.

For more than a decade, I’ve also been in university classrooms, guiding the next generation of business leaders to be effective communicators. In turn, I find my own takeaways every minute I spend with these fresh minds, their ideas and their energy.

I am more than my resume

But what I do is not all that defines me. My parents dropped more than DNA in my petri dish. My father was a pilot and my mother the founding member of a successful community theater. They showed me that travel opened endless skies of discovery and how to create new worlds from words on a page. I can help you apply all this and more to help you use stories to make a difference.

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How can I help you?

How can I help you?