We see an average of more than 5,000 marketing messages every day. Every. Day. Technology promises to create all the content you need to rise above that, but it doesn’t replace a human at the keyboard. Because you want to reach another human.

I’ve built a career using words to mute the noise and reach people, not algorithms. My bedrock is narrative style writing like this for the award-winning magazine, C. My personal essay is in the collection If Women Ruled the World: How to Create the World we Want to Live In. But I’m not limited to long-form, being equally versed in social and digital formats.

Bottom line: I am a storyteller. Let me help you tell your story. If you have a draft but you need a copy editor’s eye, I can do that, too. Find the focus, cut the clutter and reach the reader. My (figurative) red pen is ready.


A thousand songs in your pocket. Design and technical innovation cemented the iPod’s market-leading position, but that’s not what we remember. We remember being promised we could put our entire music collection onto a portable device the size of a deck of cards.

If you need to sell, fund raise, influence or lead, you need to communicate. Steve Jobs may have been a natural storyteller, but being an effective communicator isn’t about DNA. Anyone can learn the tools.

I coach executives and train teams, and, going on a decade now, teach communication fundamentals to undergrad and graduate business students. Let me bring the tools to you. Request a free sample syllabus for group training or individual coaching.

What can I help you tackle?

What can I help you tackle?